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Staffing Services

J MATHEWS LLC delivers the right results for employers looking to augment their staff. JMATHEW’s customizable solutions consist of world class processes and technologies optimized for business process outsourcing. It is our mission to promote excellent employee placement, management and retention that offers our clients stability and high performance from every contracted associate. Through a detailed and personalized process analysis, J MATHEWS LLC ensures that the needs of potential employees and clients are a priority.

J MATHEWS LLC staffing services include:

Project Management Services

J MATHEWS LLC has a unique Project Management and Control Methodology based on extensive Project Management Institute capability and practical knowledge gained over many consulting engagements. With this methodology, the J MATHEWS LLC PMControl™ Process, a considerable capability exists to not only control projects,, but also the successful capability to integrate with the PMO and Implementation Consulting Project Managers and other vendors. The specific components that augment the success of J MATHEWS LLC‘s matrix project management are:

• Change, Issue and Risk Management
• Project Document Management
• Project Collaboration
• Inter-Project Dependencies








IT Consulting Practice

Based on the ability to implement the J MATHEWS LLC Blueprint® (a methodology to measure and improve operational services), our consulting practice aids an IT organization to implement all or part of the disciplines required (based on priorities and needs) to provide world class service tailored to the client’s business. The approach is to ensure the alignment of services to the business as well as consistent execution and acceptance by the organization. Our five step approach consists of:

1. Business to IT Alignment
2. Organization
3. Process Management
4. Information Technology Services
5. Managed Change





Technology Services

J MATHEWS LLC's technology services span a wide range of offerings from front-end strategy and planning, to design and build, to implementation, to back-end operational support. We also offer enterprise technology services in areas such as digital imaging, mobile computing, business continuity services and other emerging technologies. J MATHEWS LLC technology services professionals help you integrate departmental, operational and financial effectiveness into your overall business strategy. We have deep expertise in designing, building, implementing and optimizing systems, and have worked with all the leading enterprise and revenue cycle software products currently on the market. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of quality at the lowest possible cost. We do this through our hands-on experience, proven methodology, rapid design approach and deep subject matter expertise, enabling us to bring the right skills to the table at the right time.